Predictive Therapeutics

Predictive Therapeutics (“PRx”) revolutionizes the treatment of serious and debilitating diseases through the commercialization of novel therapeutics leveraged by proprietary gene-based companion diagnostics.

PRx has developed and/or acquired a number of proprietary technologies that open a window into the origin of human disease and the role that genes and their related proteins play in the disease’s onset and progression.

PRx uses this information as the cornerstone in the development of new diagnostics that assess a person’s risk of disease and therapeutic products designed to effectively prevent and/or treat the disease.

Predictive Biotech

Predictive Biotech, Inc.’s mission is to convert cutting-edge research in human biology into an effective human cell and tissue products for regenerative medicine.  By working hand in hand with researchers from across the globe, we are on a pathway to help rethink and reshape the future of regenerative medicine